About Us

Habitat Furniture is a Dubai based online retailer with a design and import studio, focused on delivering fashionable, contemporary furniture to style-minded customers. With design influences sourced predominantly from Europe and America, we offer designer furniture for our customer’s home or workplace at affordable prices. The Habitat Furniture product catalogues include modern, contemporary and classic furniture, suited for residential and commercial use.

We have modelled the business on sourcing high quality items with low mark-ups. We believe in the power of functional, beautiful design and offer our customers a chance to purchase high quality designer inspired furniture, to make their life surroundings aesthetically pleasing and much more enjoyable.

Our relationships with both businesses and consumers means we have an expanded market, where the savings from our bulk purchases at wholesale prices are passed onto our customers.

Our products are sourced directly from a number of specialist modern and classical furniture suppliers, who we have used over several years. Our customers can rely on extremely well made items.

Catering for the home, office and commercial markets, we pride ourselves on an exceptionally high level of customer service, no matter what our customer may need.